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Season Two

Mo Abudu: Founder & CEO, EbonyLife Media–Building a Media Empire, Made in Africa For the World

Mo’s African Business Story is one of firsts! One dedicated to changing the African narrative, creating a global brand and inspiring people to reach higher and further.

Ndidi Nwuneli: Co-Founder, Sahel Consulting

Ndidi’s African Business Story is about a life dedicated to creating change agents in her communities and ensuring Africa can feed itself.

Ehime Eigbe-Akindele: Founder & CEO Sweetkiwi – Pioneering Frozen Yoghurt in Nigeria and Taking The Brand Global.

Ehime’s African Business Story is dedicated to creating healthy, low calorie treats using ingredients that inspire her from around the world. In addition she is passionate about investing in the turn around experience of women in her community by offering training and creating jobs.

First installment

Season one

Ndidi Nwuneli: Co-Founder, Sahel Consulting

Ndidi Nwuneli: Co-Founder, Sahel Consulting

This interview was done prior to the COVID-19 global shutdown. Ndidi’s story of resilience and grit remains inspiring in these uncertain times. She continues to use her voice and expertise to support businesses and communities on the Continent. You can read an op-ed she wrote recently – bit.ly/2Wa5yMH

From the Host

From the Host

Welcome to African Business Stories a new podcast hosted by Akaego Okoye. The show features the stories of resilient African female entrepreneurs building and running businesses in Africa. Women who against all odds stay winning.